Thursday, September 09, 2004

He do (I)ran ran, he do (I)ran, ran...

Like Mugatu, I feel like I'm taking CRAZY PILLS! The invasion to Iraq was not a spur of the moment kind of decision...the idea was fomented years ago, in the bowls of the Project for a New American Centry (the neocon think tank), and even when 9/11 happened, Iraq was not seen, publicaly at least, as the target. Only through carefully choreographed and orchestrated "drips" did Iraq slowly make its way into the frontal lobe of the 'Merkin sense of fear. Nothing really earthshattering on any given moment, but just a steady, almost rhythmic, cadence of the drums of war, beaten from the basement of the Pentagon in the Office of Special Plans, from the right-wing echo chamber on talk radio and our old buddy Matt Sludge, from Faux News and O'Leilly and Hannity. By the time all was said and done, Osama had magically morphed into Saddam, and Iraq was a "grave and gathering danger" who needed to be stopped, even sans any real evidence that something was up, because we didn't want the "smoking gun to come in the form of a mushroom cloud."

Fast forward a few years later...Iraq is now our very own clusterfuck, and there's a slow drip drip drip of scary, frightening news about...Iran. In the interests of curiosity, from now until...well, whenever, I'll try to compile a log of the Iran "drips." I hate to say "I told you so" on Iraq, but I will, and I'll especially hate to say "I REALLY told you so in Iran."

Today's preliminary entry: Iran Seen Using EU to Buy Time to Get Atomic Bomb.

Then again, the REALLY scary shite is that unlike Iraq, which was a hollowed-out shell of a military power, Iran in all likelyhood IS racing to acquire the Bomb, and probably even given a violent shove in that direction by Shrub's embrace of preemptive warfare as official U.S. policy.


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Just out of curiosity...

I'm not trying to be inappropriate or anything like that, just the following idea struck me funny:

Do Chinese people get offended by the phrase "chinks in the armor"?

2,350 different hits on Google don't seem to think so.


Einhorn & Finkle, Finkle & Einhorn, McConnell & Furman, Furman & McConnell...

Like the NY Times has its "corrections" section, here's a correction for those so interested:
Furman v. Georgia, the case in which the SCOTUS in 1972 found capital punishment, at least as applied in that case, violated the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments, is no longer the longest Court opinion in history; that distinction now belongs to Senator McConnell's failed attempt to overturn McCain-Feingold.

Just for the case anyone cares.


Have You No Decency Left, Sir?

After dancing around the bush (no, it's not a tribal ritual involving Babs) for the entire election cycle, Oily Dick finally came out (now there's an unintended chuckle, no?) and said what the Bushies have been making not so veiled allusions to the entire time: Cheney charged that if the American people elect John Kerry, then as a result we will suffer a terrorist attack.

This statement is so incredibly irresponsible and shameful on so many levels. The notion itself is shameful enough, but upon reading the quote, the sheer level to which the Bushies will sink in playing the fear card is astonishing (or not, if you've followed the Bush Crime Family for some time like I have).

Cheney said:
It's absolutely essential that eight weeks from today, on Nov. 2, we make the right choice, because if we make the wrong choice then the danger is that we'll get hit again and we'll be hit in a way that will be devastating from the standpoint of the United States.

Is this a threat? Is this a warning of something known and not told ("Bin Laden determined to strike in U.S."...just a "historical memo" right Condi?), held in reserve as a pudgel as we head into the election home stretch? More importantly, the Vice Asshole is effectively making the statement that a vote for Kerry is a vote to be attacked, as offensive a statement that I've ever seen in the political arena. It's one thing to have one's surrogates out and about making such charges and accusations, as well as the obligatory bumperstickers to that effect, but to have the second-highest-ranking official in the United States explicitly making this connection is wrong, it's unconscionalbe, it's despicable, and the Vice President should be ashamed of himself. Right, like that will happen.


Of course, the White House now denies the statement while not really denying it (Swifties, anyone?)..."There are differences in how the two candidates approach the war on terror" McClellan said. "That's what the vice president was talking about in his remarks."

Bullshit, Scott, and you know it. This was the Veep blatantly and deliberately saying that if the United States elects John Kerry, we will be attacked. End of syllogism fragment.

How long until we collectively have had enough, and stand up and say "No more, no more lies, no more innuendos, no more veiled threats of unnamed and unidentified shadowy monsters, NO MORE." Jayzus, I feel like Boo.


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A now, a word from Prarie Home Companion...

I grew up listening to Garrison Keillor's stories of Lake Wobegone, Minnesota, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and the children are definately above average. Apologies to Garrison if I just mangled that cliche. However, I never truly appreciated the man's way with words until I read his recent piece about the GOP's "Platform of Tragedy." One of the things I most resent about this admininstration (and that's going quite a bit to reach that level) is that they have taken FDR's "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" and turned that phrase completely on its head: "The only thing we have is fear." Their campaign is built around the basic premise of keeping the 'Merkin people in fear, and out of that fear, then, people will vote for pResident AWOL. Kinda like that ratty old blankey that Linus carries around...he knows it's a piece of shit, but he still clings to it for the sense of security it brings, unfounded though that belief is. Keillor spells out this notion of fear-mongering in such a perfect way that to try to paraphrase him would do him a grave injustice. Read if for yourself here.


More than woooorrrds, is all you have to show...

Apologies to that band from the early 90's that had a closeted gay guitarist, and a lead singer who went on to sing for Van Halen...for about 2 minutes until they figured out that the singer was a right-wing nutjob.

Anyway, click here for a must-read synopsis of the RNC get-together in NYC last week. Yes, I know it's old news, but this summation pretty much has it covered.

Also, the genesis of my entry's title is this video from the Daily Show, a mock convention video featuring Shrub and his supposed campaign platform. Funny, yet sobering, it's simply the quintissential Daily Show piece. They do in four and a half minutes what it takes Democrats an entire speech to do.


Monday, September 06, 2004

So, it's true! Blakely, although just a state guideline decision and boring to read, CAN have national repercussions!

Apologies to Dumb and Dumber for that title reference...while researching my app ad paper, I stumbled across a Blakely-related case in seems that a pot grower in Cali has appealed his sentence and conviction based on the Ninth Circuit's decision that the Controlled Substances Act is unconstitutional as applied to intrastate production of medical marijuana that is not sold. He's also appealing his sentence based on judicial enhancements, based on Blakely.

A snippet below:

The Ninth Circuit ordered a new trial for Chico medical cannabis defendant Bryan Epis, who was released from federal prison after having served two years of a 10-year sentence for supposedly conspiring to grow over 1,000 plants. In addition to the Raich ruling, Epis raised several other issues in his appeal, among them that his sentence had been enhanced without a jury hearing, in violation of the Supreme CourtĪ€s recent Blakely decision.

Not sure if you're aware of this one, DAB, or if it's even important in the least, but at least it's one more instance of someone asking "Who's your daddy" and another individual appealing a sentence saying "Blakely's my daddy!"


Hang on Bunnypants, Bunnypants hang on!

I swear to _______ (insert whatever mono- or polytheistic deity you choose to claim as your own here), I'm going to have a breakdown. This is unfreakin real...How can something so simple as screwing over a lady who's been shat upon by life, on behalf of Johnny Ashcroft, be so time-consuming to occupy my entire freaking three day weekend? well, except for a chunk o' time on Saturday, when I just HAD to go see the Buckeyes bitch-slap the Bearcats. (editorial insert: one of these years, we're going to lose one of these games to another Ohio won't be pretty) I understand the issues involved, in fact they seem to be quite simple from my side of things, but I just can't seem to stop myself from going...and going...and going...and the Engergizer bunny. with pants.

awww dammit!

I had a nice, thoughtful entry all written about a work experience last week, and the damn computer ate it. So, somewhere out in the etherial netherworld of cyberspace, my description of the following situation floats: I experienced the contradictory feelings of excitement and accomplishment upon solving a vexing problem as compared with the sobering realization that this was a zero-sum game...if my side "won" then the other side lost. Big time. I know that I was just doing my job, and I admit I was pretty damn excited to solve the problem. (Although I could have solved the issue a lot sooner, if I had just gone straight to the statutory references included in the pile of documentary evidence, but hey, it was a learning experience.)

the entry was much more detailed than this, but alas, it was not to be.