Wednesday, September 22, 2004

You're missing the point!

My goodness Karl Rove should have been a concert violinist...he sure can play the national media, the "chattering class" if I may, like a virtuoso. From the moment this whole CBS-forged memo thing dropped, I thought the thing stank of Rove. Anyone who's been following the story all along knows that the assertions in those memos were accurate - hell, even the secretary whose statement that she didn't type the memos was appended...she continued to say that everything in the memos was accurate and correct, just that she didn't type those exact memos. But, what's the big story? Not that the information about Bush disobeying a direct order was incorrect, or that he was AWOL, just whether Dan Rather lied or not, and whether CBS should apologize.

Excuse the hell out of me if I fail to get too riled up about some forged or otherwise misleading "intelligence" leading to an inaccurate accusation; it's not like we've seen THAT happen in the past, oh I don't know, two years? Certainly this admininstration would not have used such spurious circumstances to march off on our merry crusade, right? I'm firmly convinced that this was a set-up from the get-go, classic Rovian tactic...they know there's a "chink in the armor" so to speak, and although the standard rejoinder to questions about pResident Asshat is "He served his time, and was honorably discharged" that doesn't mean there's not something smoldering under the surface. Pick and choose the method and the means by which one confronts the potentially damaging issue, and you can do preemptive damage control by shifting the focus from the actual damning evidence to the carrier of that evidence. So now, the bad guy isn't AWOL Cokehead, the bad guy is Dan Rather and CBS, recently of Titty-gate consternation.

Rove's been doing this shite for years, and will probably continue to do so because the 'Merkin sheeple fall for it every freakin' time.



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