Friday, September 17, 2004

Pot, meet Kettle. Kettle, Pot.

Are you freakin' kidding me? I thought I covered the Alice in Wonderland range of things in the last post. But this one tops...well, not all of them, but most of them:
President Bush (R-Bogota by way of Camp David) said Thursday that his Democratic opponent "wants to expand government" in education, health care, taxes and virtually every other area of domestic policy.
"We have a difference of philosophy in this campaign," Bush told supporters. "It's a clear difference: my opponent's programs will expand government. Our programs will expand opportunity."

Hmmmm...that's quite interesting. You see, here all along I thought it was pResident DryDrunk who had expanded the government the most of any President since LBJ. Hell, he's probably closing in on FDR! And yet, he has the temerity to accuse KERRY of wanting to increase the size of government? I'm not sure who to believe - the lying lier who says it, or the idiotic, knuckle-dragging dolts who believe it. Let's take a look at the replay, shall we?
Education: the absolutely gawdawful No Child Left Behind...yeah, either that massively increased the size of the federal government because of what it was supposed to do, or it didn't only because Asshat refused to fund it. Size Advantage: Bush

Health Care: I seem to recall a certain Medicare bill that was passed recently, with the held of a little bribery, extortion, and a complete sell-out by the AARP. Last I knew, it also massively ramped up the size of government spending, as well as effectively jamming seniors with a huge increase in the co-pays they will have to pay starting next year (that info was conveniently released on a Friday afternoon...). Size Advantage: Bush

Taxes: Well, Bush advocated abolishing the IRS and going to a national sales tax, probably because he read about it in one of his "Getting Rich for Dummies and Heirs" books, so maybe there he actually is being honest. Not really, because the corresponding increase in state and local taxes effectively wipe out any tax relief given to 98% of 'Merkins, but hey, that gub'ment strangling that Grover Norquist wants to do is one step closer... Size Advantage: Kerry

"and virtually every other area of domestic policy." Hmmm...again, that's funny, because here I thought it was the REPUBLICANS who wanted to eff with the Constitution and reach into the bedrooms and homes of every 'Merkin by banning committed relationships that happen to be gay, by banning information about condoms disseminated to those who need the info most (you horny high school kids out there), by reaching into the most intimate of family issues related to a woman controlling her own reproductive rights, by allowing a convicted felon (John Poindexter) to begin a program with the intent of creating a database large enough to hold files on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US that would reveal every transaction we complete...I could go on for hours.
The point here, folks, is that for Incurious George to stand up and say "I'm for smaller government, for a humble foreign policy, for creating opportunities for the little man, because I feel your pain" is just plain bovine excrement. It's not even very good's the same stuff the republican candidate says every year, and every year people with a vested interest in voting Democratic vote for the dark side under the misguided impression that Jesus Christ was a Republican.

Way past time for sleepytime.



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