Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A now, a word from Prarie Home Companion...

I grew up listening to Garrison Keillor's stories of Lake Wobegone, Minnesota, where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and the children are definately above average. Apologies to Garrison if I just mangled that cliche. However, I never truly appreciated the man's way with words until I read his recent piece about the GOP's "Platform of Tragedy." One of the things I most resent about this admininstration (and that's going quite a bit to reach that level) is that they have taken FDR's "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" and turned that phrase completely on its head: "The only thing we have is fear." Their campaign is built around the basic premise of keeping the 'Merkin people in fear, and out of that fear, then, people will vote for pResident AWOL. Kinda like that ratty old blankey that Linus carries around...he knows it's a piece of shit, but he still clings to it for the sense of security it brings, unfounded though that belief is. Keillor spells out this notion of fear-mongering in such a perfect way that to try to paraphrase him would do him a grave injustice. Read if for yourself here.



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