Sunday, September 12, 2004

More Iran...

Great. Let's start issuing ultimatums. Again. Since the rest of the world sees how well THAT worked out for everyone involved.

Drip. Imagine that - a neocon making threats regarding the U.S. in the middle east.
US undersecretary of State John Bolton, speaking briefly to reporters before meeting Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, said "President [George W.] Bush is determined to try and find a peaceful and diplomatic solution to the problem of Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. But we are determined that they are not going to achieve a nuclear weapons capability."

Right. Since we are the world's arbitor. Although it never even existed, the "humble foreign policy" of Governor Bush is obliterated by this statement from Bolton. Imagine the absolute outrage if China (to pull the most probable next global empire out of the hat) were to say "We would love to find a peaceful and diplomatic solution the problem of the United State's quest to place military installations on the moon, but we are determined that they will not be successful in that venture." I'm sure Rush would be a real big fan of that.

The headline here is the kicker: "U.S. refuses to rule out Iran attack." Great. Now we get to see if the rest of the global class has been paying attention to our lessons and lectures on the virtues and necessity of preemptive warfare. No need to actually have any proof that you're being threatened, kids, just a simple vague feeling is good enough to justify a preemptive strike. Yippeee!!!

Drip. Click here to scan the other 573 stories currently indexed on Google about Iran and the "growing concern" about their nuke-u-ler dreams.

I am not fooled by the Iranians' claims that they only want nuke-u-ler power for peaceful electricity generating purposes: yeah, I want the semester to be over and it's only because I like February in Columbus. However, just like in the lead up to Iraq, if there's a right way to do diplomacy, and a wrong way, the Bush Crime Family and their associates will choose the wrong way every time, and other people's blood will be spilt for it. However, slowly but surely, we shift our attention to Iran, in the very same way we did with Iraq.

Tehran and Washington, sittin' in a tree...
first comes sanctions,
then comes threats,
then comes nuke-u-ler warnings and an invasion...

Four more years, or two more months...we have a choice to make, and the choice is simple: more war or less war. Period.



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