Thursday, September 02, 2004

I'm kickin' my ass! Do ya mind?!

Well, I must say that the old saw about law school has tended to be true thus far:
"The First Year they scare you to death. The Second Year they work you to death. The Third Year they bore you to death."

I won't know about the last part, and it's certainly not literal (aside: that's a pet peeve of mine: "I literally flew down High Street to get class in time!" No, no you didn't LITERALLY fly down High Street, unless you're of the type that has access to flight technology that the rest of us don't. But I digress...). However, it seems that the amount of "stuff" that has to be done this second year of law school is almost bordering on the overwhelming. Granted much of it is my own doing, in taking on responsibility for various and sundry things, but at the same time, while last year I felt I couldn't take an entire weekend off from doing "law school stuff" so that I was prepared for classes, this year it's hard to take a full day off so that I don't fall behind on any number of elements: work, classwork, journal, law-school-related extracurriculars, outside-of-lawschool extracurriculars, trying to send out an obscene and ungodly number of plaintive "please hire me, i'll do a nifty job, i swear" appeals to firms about which most of us know nothing except the name, making time for one's significant other, blogging...let's just say it's getting to be a bit much.

I feel like Jim Carrey's character in Liar Liar when he's in the bathroom while on a continuance for a "short bathroom break" and he resorts to self-flagellation in an attempt to get out of a court appearance for which he can't lie (aside: wouldn't it be interesting to have ALL lawyers, just for one day, unable to physically tell a lie? would make court hearings that day rather eventful and perhaps illuminating, I think). If I can just get myself to kick my own ass, then I can have an excuse to not do what I know needs to be done!



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