Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Hmmmm...drop the ball, Matty?

Did Drudge accidentally provide a link to the following story about a growing segment of the military that is anti-Bush? Surely Rove's cabanna boy didn't MEAN to have that headline, did he? Naaaaaa, couldn't have; perhaps that's why one cannot find such a headline in his "headline archive" just a few days after I saw the headline and clicked it.
The gist of the CS Monitor story is the growing segement of the military, which actually pays the price of Shrub's misguided foreign poilicy (intentional misspelling), and that group of soldiers, sailors, and Marines who are opposed to another four years of empire-building. It's a fascinating read, and a welcomed counter-argument to my last post.

a snippit:
...soldiers and marines on Iraq's front lines can be impassioned in their criticism. One Marine officer in Ramadi who had lost several men said he was thinking about throwing his medals over the White House wall.

"Nobody I know wants Bush," says an enlisted soldier in Najaf, adding, "This whole war was based on lies." Like several others interviewed, his animosity centered on a belief that the war lacked a clear purpose even as it took a tremendous toll on US troops, many of whom are in Iraq involuntarily under "stop loss" orders that keep them in the service for months beyond their scheduled exit in order to keep units together during deployments.

"There's no clear definition of why we came here," says Army Spc. Nathan Swink, of Quincy, Ill. "First they said they have WMD and nuclear weapons, then it was to get Saddam Hussein out of office, and then to rebuild Iraq. I want to fight for my nation and for my family, to protect the United States against enemies foreign and domestic, not to protect Iraqi civilians or deal with Sadr's militia," he said.

Now it's just a question of whether the Pentagon will let those pro-Kerry votes be cast.



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