Monday, September 13, 2004

A clerkship reflection

Today at work I was given the task to read a motion to suppress evidence, and check the authorities cited as support to suppress all the evidence in a given case. Rather routine, ordinary stuff I suppose, involving a Terry stop situation, but I was pleasantly supprised to see a confluence between my evidence class material, Con law issues from class, and journal editing, as my current journal assignment involves an analysis of a 2004 SCOTUS case about the "poisoned fruit" of evidence obtained illegally, and the admissibility of such evidence. Although I still don't feel like I have a COMPLETE grasp of the topic, I was able to provide my supervising attorney with some substantive analysis (including noticing where the motion cited particular cases to support the defendant's stance while leaving out particularly salient details that make the authority of those cases to this case much less persuasive), and when she asked pointed, specific questions, I was able to respond somewhat intelligently.

A small step, but another indication that I actually might have a clue of what I'm doing, even if it does take me a while to get there!



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