Saturday, September 25, 2004

Bunnypants, Bunnypants, (why)fore art thou Bunnypants?

Recently, some who are "in the know" as to my person asked about my...umm...unusual name, Happycrack Bunnypants. Basically the questions were what you would expect: Why the ____ do you use that name? Why not use something else? blah blah blah.
The answers to these legitimate questions lie in something I learned while studying Ancient Egyptian history quite a while back while living in London; When a present pharaoh wanted to effectively wipe a former pharaoh from the history books, such an action was possible by simply destroying all sculptures, monuments, and other such three dimensional honoraira. An effective technique for a millenia-old culture. However, another way in which a historical ruler could be wiped from history was to have that old ruler's name wiped from the historical record, and correspondingly that name was not to be used. In a few generations, that target of historical obliteration ceased to exist for all intents and purposes. Therein lies the etymology of my name: Unless I slip up and make a booboo, I refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of the current squatters living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. While the election of 1876 may have wrought a similar situation with a disputed election and questionable results, the election of 2000 was the first election that was so blatantly and obviously stolen, aided and abetted by the now diminished Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore.
Thus, if one were a regular reader of this blog, one would see references to the following:
Happycrack Bunnypants
Smirkey McChimpster
Incurious George
pResident Asshat
King George
Smirkey McWarhardon
pResident Cokehead
Al Kaholic
pResident AWOL
Siezer Augustus

etc. etc. etc. Is this mature of me? Probably not. Professional? Most certainly not. Original? Nope. I can't really claim credit for the overwhelming majority of these names. Does this serve to advance the political discourse in a civilized manner? Right... Is it cathartic? You bet. Are the R's above name-calling, and other childish techniques so as to control the terms of the debate? Not on your effing life. Should the other side do it as well? You gotta play the hand you're dealt...
Do I sound like Rummy with my question-speak? Almost certainly. Should he be tried as a war criminal under a Kerry admininstration? Absolutely. Will it happen? Yeah right...the D's don't/can't play hardball as well as the R's do...if this absolute disaster in the Middle East were Clintonian in origin, Tom DeLay and the rest of the vermin under his control would already be screaming about impeachment.


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