Thursday, September 30, 2004


Question to Bush: Are you going to preemptively invade another country?
Bush avoids the question, says "I hope I don't have to." Answer the question, asshole."

"We would rue the day we left Hussein in power."

Bush is repeating himself: "We speak clearly, and let the world know we mean what we say, and not be inconsistent." Then, he tries to claim Libya as a U.S. success.

Kerry rebuttal: Bush said "The enemy attacked us." But Saddam Hussein didn't attack us, bin Laden did. When we had bin Laden pinned down, we didn't use the best trained warriors in the world to go after him, we outsourced that to Afghan warlords.

Also: Bush said Saddam would have been stronger is we hadn't invaded. That's just factually incorrect.

Bush of course has to jump in again and say "Of course I know that bin Laden attacked us!"

Kerry rebuttal: 35-40 countries in the world had more capabilities to make WMDs than Iraq when we invaded. While we were distracted by Iraq, North Korea went nuclear, Darfer genocide is going on, etc...the world isn't safer.


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