Thursday, September 30, 2004


Awww...a touching little homily from Bush about some chick named Missy in North Carolina (Edwards country, convenient, that, eh?) who's husband was sacrificed by Bush.

Kerry rebuttal: "I know what it's like to lose people in combat. But it's vital to not confuse the war with the warriors." Good point.

Kerry says: "We have a choice in Iraq. The President isn't getting the job done. You can use my plan, or you have the President's plan, which is four words: More of the same."

Bush wants to jump in (again). WTF, Jim...are you going to give Bush a reach-around too?

Bush again brings in the "wrong war, wrong time..."

Kerry responds: Pottery store illustration: if you break it, you fix it. If you broke it, obviously you made a mistake. You need to acknowledge it and fix it.

Kerry now talking about how we're building 14 permanent military bases right now...instead we need to change the dynamics on the ground...don't back off from Faluja and give in to terrorists.

"I will make a statement: the U.S. has no long term designs on permanently being in Iraq."


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