Thursday, September 30, 2004


Kerry dodged using the L word (liar). Good work.
Kerry talking about Bush lying (I'll use the word) to the country in the State of the Union address and other times...meanwhile, Bush is frantically flipping through his notes looking for where Rove put the right answer to this question!!!! Of course, since Faux News Channel is running all the TV cameras, they shifted away from a split screen.

Kerry invokes Reagan!!!

"Osama bin Laden dudn't get to determine how we defend this country." Response by Bush.

Bush isn't able to substantively argue on the issues: all he has to go on is to keep trying to say "But hey, Kerry changed his mind!" Bush is justifying HIS decision by saying "But Kerry saw the intelligence too!"

GOOD FUCKING ANSWER JOHN: I'VE HAD ONE, CONSISTENT POSITION ON HUSSEIN THE WHOLE TIME; HE WAS A DANGER. I just believe there was a right way to go about handling the situation, and a wrong way. I just believe that Bush has consistently chosen the wrong one.

Bush replies: BUT HE'S INCONSISTENT! Not really, but what's your response substantively, dickhead.


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