Thursday, September 30, 2004


Is it just my jaded eye, or is Kerry actually landing some body blows? Monkey boy: "They're on there way to a nation that's free." Ummm...ok. Whatever that is.

Kerry: "Help is on the way." Fucking brilliant.
Now talking about meeting some soldiers who said to him "We need you." Good. Nice, and simple.
Using Bush's father against him..."No exit strategy."

Now Kerry talking about the invasion, and how we only protected the oil mininstry on the invasion.
Easy John, easy on the "I was there" references.

WTF! Bush jumps in, breaks the rules, and argues like a kindergardner..."But but but...that's a bad message to send to the commander in chief.

"I made a mistake in how I talk about the war...the President made a mistake in going to war. Which is worse?"

Good rebuttal, John. Don't let Bush break the rules.


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