Thursday, September 30, 2004


Kerry talking about sending shitloads of money overseas while cutting homeland security funding here vis a vis first responders.
So far, I'm glad to see that Kerry is making this about Bush's record. If I were to use a legal term, it would be res ipsa loquitor. (that's probably misspelled.) But so far, Kerry has just hammered on Bush's record, which is what he needs to do.

Bush response..."it's, like, a HUGE tax gap. But that's another point for another debate." Then, "the best way we can secure the homeland is to always be on the offense." He feels like "we've improved the FBI, blah blah blah..." It feels like Bush is making it up as he goes right now, not his strong suit.
Kerry just got another "extension" and made a good rebuttal point. Bush jumps in and starts talking about "I wake up every day thinking about protecting the 'Merkin people." Chase 'em down...

Hey asshat, don't you mean "Smoke 'em out and kill 'em"?
Bush is struggling...he needs to stay on script, because he can't hang if he goes off script.


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