Thursday, September 30, 2004


All done.
Reactions...but first, there's McCain clapping his hands and playing the house organ for Bush.

Bush's themes: Kerry is weak on terra.
Kerry's themes: Bush is wrong about just about everything.

Tim Whore Russert saying "this is the kind of debate this country needed." Russert saying both candidates were "polished." I would disagree. I thought Kerry carried the ball most of the time, while Bush flailed.

How's this for the expectations game: The common wisdom was that Kerry would be boring, dull, and long winded. He was none of those, so he showed well. Bush looked fidgity, unsure or cocksure, nervous, and smirkey. Kerry looked stately.

The "experts" will probably crow about how "magnificent" Bush was, because he could breath and stand at the same time, but that's a load of crap. He's not the governor of a piddly piss-ant state this time around, and although Bush has improved from four years ago, he's still not in element in debates when he has to think on his feet.


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