Thursday, September 30, 2004


Question to Bush: What do you think about Putin's anti-democratic actions to fight terror?
Answer: I don't agree with those actions..."I have a good relationship with Vladimurr...and it's important to establish good relationships with people in this world." I don't think I can take any more irony. Also, GEORGE, you're referring to another world leader...Vladimurrr isn't really the proper title.
Bush tries to make this about terra again, when it's a question of government.

Kerry rebuttal: we have to stand up for democracy, and even quotes George Will! Kerry then comes back to North Korea...says "Just because Bush says something doesn't mean it's true...this is the same president who said there were WMD's in Iraq."

Lehrer tries to goad Bush into giving a response...Bush retreats back to "We looked at the same intelligence" line of argument. Kerry: great comeback: Saddam WAS a threat...But THAT WASN'T THE ISSUE!!! The issue is what he DID about it." Good point, George.


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