Thursday, September 30, 2004


A question of "character issues" to Bush: Do you believe there are character issues that make Kerry unfit to be commander in chief?

Ummm...Bush wont' hold it against Kerry that Kerry went to Yale. Ummmm...Right. Because Bush went to...Yale. Ok.

Anyway, now Bush keeps talking about messages to the troops, etc., and we should never change our beliefs.

John...QUIT MAKING NICE GUY!!!! Quit using your rebuttal time to make jokes!
NOW you're's one thing to be certain, but it's another thing if you're wrong. Bush isn't acknowledging reality.

Bush rebuttal: "We will shift tactics! But I won't change my values because of politics." All Bush can do is try to flail on "flip-flopper."

Kerry responds well to that cut.


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