Tuesday, August 24, 2004

A perfect example of Drudge "manufacturing" a story...

I confess...like a moth once zapped but still drawn inexorably to that blue light, I'm a repeat peruser of Senior Drudge's little on-line latrine. Usually it's just for poopies and giggles, to see what kind of derivitive slant he's attempting to put on any news that may be beneficial for anyone not of the BFEE (see www.bartcop.com for the definition). However, it's also an interesting phenomenon to observe when Drudge attempts to insert himself directly into the news process itself; he decides that something "is" and quicker than KennyBoy with the shredder, the other corporate lapdog media are reporting Drudge's little nugget (or turd, as it were) as actual news.

A link on his site currently is the perfect example: A picture appears, of that paragon of alpha-male/chickenhawk-dom Donny Rumsfeld. Something doesn't look quite right about the picture, but the eyes are drawn to Drudge's cute little headline, referencing that this Reuters photo is "Rumsfeld through the crosshairs" and the picture has "drawn concern." Remembering the brew-ha-ha a while back over a photo of Kerry that was somewhat similar (apparantly Matt does to, b/c now there's a link to that "flashback" as well), I clicked on the link...nothing but a file photo of Rumsfeld as seen through the lens of a television camera. No crosshairs, no context that would create cause for concern, nothing. The caption of the picture has nary a mention of any "concern" drawn from the picture.

So from whence is the concern drawn? Apparantly Matty is wringing his cute little fedora out of shape with concern about the plot against Rummy.

Out here in reality land, however, I see a creative, artistic picture, one open and prone to interpretation if you're of that particular bent, but hardly "cause for concern."

Just watch...someone will pick it up and run with it as real news, however. What're the odds that Fox will do so? Hmmmm......

Because I'd prefer not to drive traffic to Sludge's website, here's the link to the picture itself...I blog, you decide. Apologies to Fox. (unlike Al Franken, I don't have a book to popularize via frivilous lawsuit.)




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