Sunday, August 22, 2004

oh, and one other things about the Swiftie's...

Saying "I served with John Kerry" as the individuals do in that ad is like saying that just because I've been in a movie, "I worked with Tom Hanks." Perhaps the men did serve in Vietnam, but just because they happened to have been in Southeast Asia at the same time as John Kerry does not mean they "served with him." And the guy who claims to have treated Kerry's wound and now slanders Kerry by claiming it was "superficial"...? His name appears nowhere on any documentation of the treatment for that wound. In other words, all these guys are effing lyers who need to be sued in civil court (by President Kerry, in his second term, dependinging on the statute of limitations) for libel and slander.

Report on THAT, Mattie my boy. Well, not MY boy, but you're SOMEONE's boy, aren't you, Drudge? Do you find it hard to schill for a party that hates who you are, Matt? Just curious.

On a larger note, I have to hand it to BushCo...with the constant, breathless debate over "did Kerry have a major wound, or just a minor wound?," the terms of the debate are not so much A) the absolute travesty that goes with "judging" wounds and their relative merits vis a vis Purple Hearts (and a development that all vets should find unconscionable), nor B) the absolute, unmitigated f#$k-up that has been the last three years of BushCo behind the wheel of State. The focus of attention is on something so completely irrelevent that it makes the Millard Fillmore presidency look absolutely vital.

Unfortunately, Kerry has to spend his time defending himself from these scum, and not focused on the failures of the current misadmininistration, and the 'Merkin sheeple don't get it.



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