Friday, August 27, 2004

it ain't over till...the judges decide

The current furor over Paul Hamm's medal situation only goes to reinforce my belief that anything in which the outcome is determined solely by a judge or judges is not a sport. An exhibition, perhaps, but not really a sport. In a sport, you have competitors attempting to outdo each other in an objectively defined way of determining who was the best. You either achieve your goal (scoring a point, going faster or some other way of determing who's ahead) or you don't. Having the interference of a third party to decide the outcome make events like figure skating, gymnastics, synchronized swimming, diving, etc. in some ways no different than professional 'rasslin...and we all know that the results in THOSE contests are reached without any kind of questionable or debateable actions. Not to imply that the atheletes competing in "exhibition" sports are any less impressive for what they do in their given discipline, but I just can't get overly worked up over a contest that won't be decided, at the end of the day, by the participants themselves.

Just my own opinion, I suppose.



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